Wine Tour Drivers Service Areas

We offer personal wine tours in Napa Valley, Sonoma Wine Country, El Dorado Wine Country, Amador County and Lodi Wine Country in California as well as the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

We began the business in February 2010 in Santa Rosa covering Sonoma County. In 2013 we expanded the business to Napa Valley. Now in 2018 we have expanded from Napa Valley and Sonoma to the Sierra Foothills (El Dorado and Amador), Lodi Wine Country as well as Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Here is a list of our service zones:

Napa Valley
Sonoma County
El Dorado Wine Country
Amador Wine Country
Lodi Wine Country
Willamette Valley in Oregon

Staying in San Francisco?

We can meet you in the city to begin a wine tour. Rates are the same hourly depending on group size, but there is an additional flat fee of $50 to meet in San Francisco. Book ONLINE today.